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I am Ara, the one woman show behind Artisa. Each piece you see is lovingly created by me in my home studio using eco-conscious processes and materials. I started silversmithing after my son was born and was enchanted by the transmutative powers of fire in metal. Shaping, forming, polishing, fusing have become tangible ways for me to experience a new perspective of my own transformation through life’s journey.

I grew up in a small mining town in the mountains of Northern Mexico and have always been fascinated by the beauty and magic found in nature. Nature grounds me, heals me and helps me connect to my truth, so I learned from early on to honor and respect her, and it’s the reason I choose to work with recycled silver and ethically sourced gemstones.

My inspiration comes from Mother Earth, the heavens and the understanding that energy, frequency and vibration are the foundation of our existence. From the smallest of stones to the complexity of our bodies, we are all beautifully interconnected in this sacred and magical dance that we call life.

I started Artisa as part of my spiritual journey and hold the same sacred space when silversmithing as I do when doing energy work. I love incorporating crystals and gemstones in my designs, not only because of their beauty, but also because of their powerful ability to help us release mental, physical, and spiritual blockages.

Every piece I make is bathed in high vibrational healing frequencies that cleanse, awaken and enhance these metaphysical properties. My hope is that by wearing and connecting to this vibrations, it can help you create balance within yourself and assist you in manifesting your intentions.

Artisa pieces are more than just beautiful jewelry, they are also personal talismans infused with intention and magic. I invite you to explore and find a piece that resonates with you, whether through the properties of the natural stones or through the messages and symbols written in silver, the moment you connect to it, it becomes profoundly meaningful.


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